Lock up, cover up

Apartment buildings are just as vulnerable to break-ins and theft as other homes. Poor safety and security habits could put your whole building at risk. Most offenders are opportunists, and search for quick, easy entry and exit points. MORE Lock up, cover up

What would they think?

Alcohol-related crime remains an ongoing priority for ACT Policing, as it continues to place an unnecessary financial, social and health burden on the community. The What Would They Think? campaign has been developed so ACT Policing can actively educate and engage with the Canberra community throughout the year. MORE What would they think?

Welfare support services

Policing is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding work. ACT Policing is committed to supporting the health and welfare of all our members and their families. Support is available to assist with work related stress or personal pressures. Seeking support early helps people recover better. MORE Welfare support services