Police Services Model

In the 2019-20 ACT Budget, the ACT Government announced a $33.9 investment into ACT Policing over four years, to support the service embark on a significant reform program that will see police serve the Canberra community even better into the future. The new Police Services Model (PSM) will see ACT Policing take a proactive and system-wide approach to crime prevention, disruption and response. MORE Police Services Model

Welfare support services

Policing is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding work. ACT Policing is committed to supporting the health and welfare of all our members and their families. Support is available to assist with work related stress or personal pressures. Seeking support early helps people recover better. MORE Welfare support services

Campaigns and operations

ACT Policing’s October Traffic Focus will centre on L and P plate drivers. While the majority of young drivers aim to drive safely and responsibly, there continue to be risks, such as inability to identify and respond to hazards, inexperience, over-confidence, and deliberate risk-taking. MORE Campaigns and operations

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