Welfare support services

Policing is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding work. ACT Policing is committed to supporting the health and welfare of all our members and their families. Support is available to assist with work related stress or personal pressures. Seeking support early helps people recover better. MORE Welfare support services

ACT Keyholder Register

The ACT Keyholder Register is a list of the names and after-hours contact details of business owners or others who have access to your business premises. Please make sure your current business details are on the register so police can contact the owner, or another nominated person to attend the premises in the event of damage from fire, burglary or other incidents that may happen after business hours. MORE ACT Keyholder Register

Campaigns and operations

The number of drivers speeding in the ACT has risen dramatically in 2020, so in July, ACT Policing is picking up the pace to catch more people speeding. The average number of Traffic Infringement Notices issued for speeding per month so far in 2020 is more than 30 per cent higher than the monthly average for each of the past three years. While police have conducted several speeding enforcement operations in the first half of the year, July is traditionally a month-long focus on speeding as part of the ACT Policing and Justice and Community Safety Directorate Road Safety calendar. MORE Campaigns and operations