Light rail

Light rail is here

Light rail is here. Are you Rail Ready?

Light rail vehicles (LRVs) are now operating between Gungahlin and the city. It is important to ensure you know how to stay safe when walking, cycling or driving near the light rail corridor.

Road rules stay the same. If everyone follows the rules, we all stay safe. Always obey traffic lights and road signs around LRVs.


LRVs are just another mode of transport on our roads. They have their own traffic lights called T-Lights which will be incorporated at intersections along the light rail route. T-Lights are only for LRVs. The road rules for other vehicles have not changed.

Safety for pedestrians

  • Only cross the tracks at designated crossings.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the tracks.
  • Pay attention and stay alert around LRVs.
  • Headphones, reading, texting or taking photos or selfies can put you at risk.
  • Take care with pram wheels or wheelchairs when crossing the tracks.

Safety for cyclists

  • Always keep a safe distance from LRVs.
  • Ride directly over the tracks at a right angle to avoid your wheels getting stuck.
  • Do not ride along the rail track.
  • Always cross the tracks at designated crossings and intersections.
  • Do not cross in front of a moving LRV and where possible, avoid breaking on the tracks.

Safety for drivers

  • It is prohibited to drive along the tracks at any time.
  • Do not queue across the tracks at any time.
  • Do not drive across the tracks unless the path ahead is clear.
  • Truck drivers should ensure their vehicle load does not come close to the overhead wire when crossing at intersections.

Helpful advice

  • Some new signs will be installed to remind you about safety.
  • LRVs take longer to stop than cars and cannot swerve to avoid contact.
  • LRVs are wider than the tracks, stay well clear as they approach and give them room.
  • The tracks are smooth and can be slippery when wet.
  • The overhead wire is LIVE, keep away.

It is also important to talk to your children about safety around LRVs. Visit the Constable Kenny website for tips on how to Stay OK on the road.

If an incident occurs involving an LRV call:

  • 000 in a life threatening emergency.
  • 131 444 for police assistance.

For more information on LRVs visit the Canberra Metro website