Emergency Management

The ACT Policing Emergency Management and Planning Team was formed in July 2009 to provide a new function for ACT Policing. The team forms a part of the Traffic Operations and Planning portfolio and is divided into two teams, 'Emergency Management', and 'Planning'.

Each team works towards increasing the preparedness and response capabilities of ACT Policing to major events, Guest of Government visits and major incidents including, but not limited to; terrorism related occurrences, natural disasters, health pandemics, the coordination of recovery operations and crowded places.

  • ACT Policing Emergency Management
    ACT Policing Emergency Management aligns with the ACT Government’s all hazards approach to emergencies within the Territory recognising that no one agency can address all of the impacts of a particular hazard, either in a proactive or reactive sense.
  • ACT Policing Events Planning
    ACT Policing is able to provide policing services to many types of events. Policing for some events may attract fees, which are governed by certain legislative provisions. For more information on registering your event, fees and police services visit the events planning web page.
  • ACT Policing Crowded Places
    The objective of the National Crowded Places strategy is to protect the lives of people working in, using and visiting crowded places by making these places more resilient to terrorism. This strategy includes a suite of supplementary materials that will assist owners and operators to understand and implement protective security measure.