Deputy Chief Police Officer - Crime

Deputy Chief Police Officer - Crime Mark Walters

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Commander Mark Walters has been a member of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for 32 years and is currently Deputy Chief Police Officer- Crime within ACT Policing.

Since commencing his AFP career in January 1984, Commander Walters has served in the AFP’s Sydney, Brisbane and Bangkok Offices, the AFP’s Training College (Detective Training), the International Deployment Group (IDG), and AFP Headquarters in Canberra. He was appointed to the rank of Commander in January 2003.

Commander Walters has significant operational experience particularly in relation to the investigation and management of transnational organised crime investigations including drug trafficking, people smuggling, terrorism and transnational child sex exploitation offences. 

Commander Walters has extensive international policing experience having held a number of positions supporting the AFP’s broad international law enforcement obligations and commitments on behalf of the Government of Australia. He was a Liaison Officer attached to the AFP’s Bangkok Office between January 1997 and January 2000, Program Manager (Asia) for the AFP’s Law Enforcement Cooperation Program and Coordinator, International Operations. In January 2003, he was appointed Director, International Operations responsible for managing the AFP’s international network of liaison offices. Between 2004 and 2005, he was also Head of Australia’s Interpol National Central Bureau.

In July 2005, Commander Walters deployed to the IDG in Canberra where he held a range of positions including Manager (Operations and Missions), Manager (Planning and Development) and Manager (IDG). Through the IDG, the AFP provides the Australian Government with a capability to deploy Australian civilian police to a diverse range of bi-lateral, multi-lateral and United Nations stabilisation/peace operation and capacity building missions throughout the world. 

In August 2008, Commander Walters was appointed Manager of AFP Professional Standards and in January 2011, he was appointed Manager of the AFP’s Brisbane Office (MBO). As MBO, he was responsible for leading and coordinating the AFP’s operational capability in Queensland.

In October 2013 Commander Walters was appointed Manager International Support in the IDG and following the integration of the IDG with the AFP’s International Network in July 2015, established the International Operations portfolio, where he held the role of Manager International Engagement. 

In November 2016 he was appointed Deputy Chief Police Officer - Crime with ACT Policing where he has the responsibility for Criminal Investigations, Intelligence, Family Violence, Community Safety, and Judicial Operations including the Exhibition Management Centre.

Commander Walters is a graduate of the AFP’s 23rd Management of Serious Crime (MOSC) Course, the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM) 87th Police Management Development Program (PMDP) and 2009 Police Executive Leadership Program (PELP). He was a program Visiting Fellow to the 93rd, 116th and 127th PMDP’s and also the Senior Officer to the 36th and 52nd MOSC Courses. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Administration (Policing) with Distinction.