Issuing of Infringement Notices

ACT Policing issue Traffic, Parking and Criminal Infringement Notices via email and hard copy. 

Individuals are given the option of how they wish to receive their infringement notice, by email or hard copy. If the individual chooses to receive their infringement by email, they will be provided with a printed card which outlines when they were stopped, what they were stopped for and that an infringement will be issued to them.

ACT Policing urge members of the public to continue to exercise caution and be aware of email scams.

There are a number of ways to tell whether an infringement notice is legitimate or a scam and it is important to note that we will never request payment via a link in the email.

Infringements from ACT Policing will:

  • Be sent from an official AFP email address
  • Include  a digital  version of the  infringement notice (or notices) 
  • List the details the person provided to police when they were stopped

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam infringement email, report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN). 

For more information about scams and how to protect yourself online, visit the Scamwatch website

Traffic Infringement Notices

Traffic Infringement Notices are issued for offences such as speeding, unregistered vehicles, negligent driving etc. They do not include Parking Infringement Notices.

ACT Policing Traffic Representations can only examine requests in relation to traffic infringements that occurred within the ACT or Jervis Bay Territory.

For more information on payment details, disputing a fine and penalty amounts go to our Traffic Fines page.

Criminal Infringement Notices

Criminal Infringement Notices are fines that can be issued for offences including deface private premises, supply liquor to intoxicated person, smoke in vehicle with child etc. that take place within the ACT or Jervis Bay Territory only.

For more information on payment details, disputing a fine and penalty amounts go to our Criminal Infringement Notices page.