Deputy Chief Police Officer - Capability and Community Safety


Commander Krissy Barrett commenced her policing career in ACT Policing where she worked in various frontline and leadership roles including General Duties, Police Operations, Ministerial and Policy, Media and Marketing and as an Executive Officer.

Commander Barrett then led the Serious Financial Crime Taskforce within the AFP’s Criminal Asset, Fraud and Anti-Corruption portfolio.

Before her promotion to Commander she was the National Coordinator Money Laundering, Organised Crime and was responsible for leading the development and implementation of anti-money laundering strategies and operations across the Australian Federal Police. In this role she worked in close partnership with Commonwealth and State and Territory agencies as well as international partners and the private sector, to fight organised crime.

She has now returned to ACT Policing as Deputy Chief Police Officer- Capability and Community Safety where she leads teams in the fields of Intelligence, Criminal Investigations, Community Safety and Judicial Operations.

Commander Barrett holds a Masters of Leadership and Management (Policing) and a Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice Administration).

Commander Barrett was awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal for her distinguished service to the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands and an Operations Medal, recognising her leadership and contribution to the Bali Bombings investigation. In 2015 she received the Mark Scott Memorial Scholarship which she used to complete a research study contributing to diversifying the police workforce.